The "LEGO: The Lord of the Rings" video game takes players on a heroic adventure through Middle Earth. To promote the game, my digital team at mOcean created a Facebook app, airport ad displays, online ad units, rich media and video content. This campaign won a Gold Addy.

Our goal was to highlight the universal themes that resonate with young gamers who may not be familiar with "Lord of the Rings,” while still appealing to existing fans of the brand, capitalizing on the humorous LEGO-twist of the game.

The "LEGO: The Lord of the Rings" Facebook application allows fans to interact with the game by creating their own fellowship and teaming up with Facebook friends for a journey to Mt. Doom. I provided the copy for all areas of the application. 

Pixar_0000_PRE-LIKE LANDING.jpg
Pixar_0009_Wheel_01 OVERLAY GANDALF STEP 1.jpg
Pixar_0018_Wheel_PG7 - 02.jpg

Have some fun with the app and create your own fellowship here!

I also created and wrote an online video called “The SunnySide of the Shire,” a humorous stop motion video starring the "LEGO: The Lord of the Rings" characters and created entirely by the mOcean creative and production teams.

Finally, we also created various online banners and rich media units for the new campaign, driving consumers to purchase. 

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