Rolling Robots is a growing business with several stores in Southern California. Their stores give kids the opportunity to learn about technology by creating robots and experimenting with electronics. My team helped develop their brand and created the homepage for their new website. 

The following is the manifesto that I wrote for Rolling Robots...

Initializing Rolling Robots Manifesto….

We love robots. We dig kids. And we’re inspired by the magic that happens when the two combine. Sparks fly… literally! That’s because robots ignite the imagination of kids everywhere. They open the door to the world of technology through the universal language of FUN.

When we began Rolling Robots, it wasn’t because we’re nerdy aerospace engineers (ok, maybe it was a little bit) but because we’re parents that love watching our kids discover their inner-scientist and get super excited about creating something of their own. There’s no mistaking the pride in a kid’s face when they hold up a robot they created and exclaim, “Look what I made! It’s so COOL!” 

We believe that today’s greatest minds were once the kids that always asked, “How’s that work?” and “But why?” over and over again. We want to be the ones to reply, “Here’s how!” and “Let’s find out!” Our mission is to tap into the spirit of wonder in kids, unlocking their future potential with the fun of the robot world.

Simply put, we want to inspire generations of dreamers and doers – the next Einstein, the next Jobs, or even the next Franklin (you can thank her for discovering the structure of DNA). Our dream is that one day these kids will look back and think, “My dream was sparked with a robot.”

End transmission…. Beep. Bop. Boop. 



Visit the Rolling Robots site here



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