“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Copy

Here are copy explorations I did for an “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” pitch. I love Kimmy! Some of the copy was used in the campaign for their 3rd season. I’m including it here because I think it’s a good representation of my humor. Which is fudging hysterical.

Radical Optimism Movement

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt unites those of us who strive to be optimistic in every way and in any situation. It’s a dog eat hot dog world and we’re serving up hamburgers! So let’s come together and celebrate everything in a super good way. A benevolent revolt! All the things that make a movement – the protest signs, the picketing, the rallying cries – all done in a comically extreme, uplifting and positive way.

Heck Yes! We’re #blessed! (Heck Yes! We’re hashtagged blessed!)

Get up! Get down! There’s an anti-frown movement in this town!

Staging a Coup d’HA 

What do we want?! Unicorns!

When do we want them?! At a time that’s most convenient for Unicorns!

What do we want?! Nothing! Who do we want it from?! No one!

What do we want?! Hugs! How do we want them?! Like a bear!

We say “Smile!” You say “Cheese!” Smile! Cheese! Smile! Cheese!

 We won’t be silenced! But we will speak in a pleasant tone!

 Hey hey! Ho ho! We just came to say “Hello!”

 Hey hey! Ho ho! We love rain because rainbows!

Possible On-Air

 We would see close-ups of hands grabbing materials for a protest. Posterboard. A black marker. A post is being taped to the back of it. A megaphone is grabbed. All while we hear the chanting roar of a protest in the distance. Then more materials are picked up. Glitter. Crayons. Pinwheels. Streamers. We then start to hear the chanting is actually excited and positive in tone. We see the posters are actually positive and funny. Finally we scan down to see Kimmy’s bright face as she screams, “Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Those fudging frowns have got to go!” 






Put on a Happy Face

In Kimmy’s world, when life gets you down, you gotta pick yourself up and put on a happy face. Or in Jaqueline’s case, a few shots of botox in the right place for a perma-smile. We’ll see our characters, although battered and beaten down in their body language and looks, with a slapped on happy face. In alternate variations, we might see the characters looking downtrodden while Kimmy’s hand pops in with a photograph of her own smile to hold in front of their face.

Put on a Happy Face

Get Totally Schmidt-Faced.

Turn that frown upside down. But also smile.

 Don’t Worry, Be Happiest

 Know your ABC’s – Always Be Chipper

 Know your ABC’s – Always Be Cheery

 WTF – Why the Face?

 In the face of adversity – use a different one.

 Anything but straight-faced. (Titus specific)

 Two-faced. One big smile.

There is no happy medium. Just happy large!

 Happy days are here again.

 Couldn’t be happier! Literally.

 The Happiest Happy (half) Hour

Possible On-Air

We see a montage of famous faces history. Each face is that of someone who is generally known for having a dowdy, serious or grumpy disposition. Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, Albert Einstein, Franklin Roosevelt, Pope John Paul, Gandhi, Hemingway - just think how much more effective they could’ve been if they had a smile slapped on their face! As each flies by, Kimmy’s unbreakable smile will be slapped on top of them. 

Beginning Title Card: Imagine how great they could’ve been...

End Title Card: ...if they smiled.

Over-the-Top Unshakeable

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt inspires us to keep our spirits up in the face of adversity. No matter how bad it gets, smile big, count to 10 and just keep marching.  Through rain, snow and the occasional bird poo - there’s nothing you can’t get through when you’re unshakable. Here we’ll see Kimmy and friends in a moment of pure bliss, blindly ignorant of the trappings around them because of their optimism. 

Finding the rainbow in a Schmidt storm.

Putting the “fun” in dysfunction. (Kimmy)

Putting the “sass” in disaster. (Titus)

Putting the “fan” in fanatic. (Vivian is protesting “Big Naturals”) 

Putting the “ass” in class. (Jaqueline is showing off her butt and everyone around her is  staring)

Always look on the brightest side of life. Because otherwise it’s dark. And you can’t see anything.

Everything’s coming up roses… and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns and candy… (this should go on and on as the font becomes smaller and smaller in an infinite way)

 Everything’s coming up roses! (She’s proudly holding up dead roses)

 Smiling doesn’t cost a thing! Neither does street candy/gum! 

 A little kindness goes a long way. And a lot of kindness goes all the way! 

 Smiling is contagious. Like head lice and the 1982 Dogmouth Plague. (Vivian)

 Smiling is contagious. Like cholera and bunker rash. 

 Possible On-Air

We see Kimmy standing in the center of the shot, smiling as always. Suddenly, to the beat of escalating music, the background around her changes from one disaster to another. Rain, earthquake, crashes, explosions, sharks jumping out of water, people screaming, etc wreak havoc all around her. And yet Kimmy remains unphased by it all. She’s still smiling away and simply says, “Whoa! That was crazy sauce!”    End Title: Still Unbreakable


For Kimmy and family, being “unbreakable” is about being of a variety “Un”s. We’ll showcase them individually and as a group through copy explorations and capturing them in moments of “Un” resilience. 









We’re So (Not) Ready!

Ready or not (they’re not) - here they come! Who has time for preparation when there’s so much fun to be had?! In life, you gotta grab life by the crank and go for it! We’ll show the cast in their most perfect light - which is unperfect. Awkward, poorly posed shots will showcase the characters at their worst when trying to look their best. No matter how unprepared they are - they’re ready to live life to its fullest! That’s the UKSway.

We’re so (not) ready! 

Ready (or not), Set, Go! 

Ready, Se---@%!@~!

So quick it’s like “Ready, Set, Over!” Whaaat?! 

Happiness waits for no one.

So fudging ready!

Our ready is unready!

Putting the “can” in can’t wait!

Say “Chee---

Unbreakable Breaks Out

It’s time once again for the world of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to break through and brighten our otherwise mundane lives. The brightest colors, happiest (mostly) faces, and cheesiest awesomeness is literally exploding through the 4th wall to bring us contagious, courageous positivity. 

From “meh” to “YEAH”! 

Break on through to the Kimmy side! 

Break on through to the Titus side! (We see Pinot Noir gushing around him)

Break on through to the Jacqueline side! (She’s surrounded by money and dream catchers)

 Break on through to the Vivian side! (She’s happily surrounded by meth heads, street rats and all the things that make Dogmouth “great”

From mundane to insane. 

Bringing a little more “LOLOMGWTFROFL” to the world. 

Brace yourself for the unbreakable. 

Life is about to break up. 

Never catches a break. Still not mad about it. 

Give them a break. They’ve never had one.

All heckfire is about to break loose.